Our unique approach

The Spike Consulting approach is a matchmaking one, by identifying first who is focusing on distinct countries and markets. We are then applying a customized process to understand our partners in sports and business before bringing the right parties together for a positive partnership creating a “win-win” situation. With our extensive network in business and sports, we have direct access to decision makers on both sides. We believe that forming the right partnership is an intensive process involving many personal discussions with all stakeholders which finally result in a successful outcome.

Brands & Sponsoring

An exclusive access to target markets

Understanding the core business of a company and its brands is essential to identify a sports partner to efficiently transport the communication strategy for the respective products and services. 

Spike Consulting’s management brings experience and knowledge of almost 25 years in advising companies in their strategy and organizational development. We have a proven track record in bringing brands and corporates into new markets, including the growing emerging markets. We are able to open up countries and markets through an appropriate partnership with sports. Matching the right sports partners with the targeted markets is essential.

Our aim is not only to understand our client’s business strategy and vision, as well as the features of their products and services, but we also take into account high corporate governance standards, including ethical and compliance norms within the relevant countries and markets.

Spike Consulting ensures that a partnership and an activation package selected will enable our clients to implement a successful sports marketing strategy.

Sports & Athletes

Strengthen the future standing of sport

Through Senior Advisors who have substantial management experience with major International Federations and outstanding athletes Spike Consulting has a thorough understanding of the issues tier 2 & 3 sports are facing nowadays. Vastly increasing competition from entertainment sectors such as on-line gaming, new and `cool` sports activities, and changing consumer practices put a lot of pressure on federations. In addition, the current image of sports in the media is much affected by recent scandals while the usual sources of income (through IOC and TV broadcasters) will decrease considerably.

All of these mean that sport federations need to make much more effort to attract corporate partners if they want to raise or at least uphold their activities. By working closely with federations Spike Consulting will enable them to get together with just the right commercial partner, a company which brands not only fit snugly the image of the sport but also seeks business development in regions where the sport has a strong followership.

As Spike Consulting is fully aware that athletes are the true core of any sport`s success, we are working closely with outstanding active and former athletes. Our aim is to help both athletes to attract funding which allows them to pursue their sport without constraints and companies who know that successful investing in a certain sport requires to team up with star athletes as well.


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