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Our partners in the world of sports are international federations with more member countries than even the UN has and hundreds of millions of active players. Next to these we work with top athletes and other professionals involved in sports. In the world of business our partners include global brands and large corporates that are interested in increasing their sports coverage to develop their products in growth markets.


Understanding the sport as a unique product

Professional sport would not be possible without the financial engagement of sponsors who nowadays follow a clear communication strategy rather than just seek to display their names and logos at events. Sport clubs and federations are under an increasing competition to convince and attract audiences, corporate partners, and the media alike. This makes it even more important for all stakeholders to professionalise their marketing activities and clearly define their product by unique attributes. It is significant to know what a sport stands for and who it is targeting in regards with demographics or countries, before approaching potential partners such as brands, sponsors or media rights distributors. 

Spike Consulting offers support already from a very early stage in trying to understand the unique attributes of an individual sport or athlete. This allows a thorough evaluation of the appropriate positioning to create a clear strategy for identifying and winning perfect partners with a long-term prospect.

Although our sport partners are mainly tier 2 or 3 international federations they govern over hundreds of million active athletes and rank among the top national sports in geographies relevant to our commercial partners in their endeavour to develop business in emerging countries and growth markets.

Brands & Corporates

Accessing markets with the ideal sport

Sport sponsoring is not just a popular instrument to increase the recognition of a brand or corporate, but is also an effective tool for customer acquisition and retention. To generate the best result for a commercial partner it is significant to understand the market positioning of the products, as well as the corporate strategy regarding markets or countries in which the brand/product will be distributed. 

Spike Consulting supports brands and corporates by securing sponsoring deals which offer them the highest returns on investment. This involves creating tailor-made opportunities for companies to access sports marketing in ways which are affordable while offering high exposure in markets they seek to access.

Our corporate and brand partners are blue chip companies from different industrial sectors, as well as family owned businesses that are interested in pursuing opportunities for growth in certain markets.

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